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By now you might have noticed that in general the Iams look rather plain. They may have silver hair, but they always dress in the same T-shirt and jeans. Iams made for different worlds and different purposes will require different looks however. Clothing can be configured the same way as for a normal player. That means you need to login as your Iam and select its clothing. The only thing that can not be configured is the head. So hair information is ignored as soon as an Iam logs in by itself. The hair has two options that are configured through the XML file as shown below. Each property has several 'value' lines listed to show what are the possible values, but only one should be listed in actual use.


		<property name="hair"> 


		<property name="hair"> 

As long as you use the developer client to test your Iam within Iam Town, you'll find that the clothing selection is very limited and does not offer the clothes you might see in a live city. But don't worry, as soon as you'll move your Iam into a real city it will have all the clothing options available.


The default avatars for Iams looks very much like the default avatars of players. Only the hair-color is different. For some purposes it may be much more desirable to have a very distinct robot-like appearance to make it very obvious that we're dealing with an A.I. rather than a player. To this effect we're working on some complete robot suits. This is still in an experimental phase and for now there's only one available, but there will be more later.

At this point in time, all you need to do to turn your Iam into an android is by adding the following property:

		<property name="droid" value="true"/>

Make sure this is the first property of the Iam to avoid conflicts with other properties. At this point in time androids are considered male. Any account settings are overridden by this setting so it will look like an android no matter what clothing you may have set in the account.

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