Example projects updated + more.

Example projects updated + more.

Postby admin » Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:29 am

Here's a small update on the Iams. The Iam Town is now present in the places browser of the normal client. So it's no longer necessary, neither advised, to use the developer's client to test Iams. This is another small step towards Iams becoming full Blue Mars citizens. It also means we'll be allowing Iams to enter any city. This still needs to be coordinated with me first though. The cities currently accessible are:

This needs to be used as the 'cityName' property. AR_IamTown is no longer a valid city-name. You'll still need the developer's client to have access to the mapping tool to create navigation meshes. But since that is only useful to those who have access to the CRY-file this is only natural.

If you want your city to be accessible for Iams, please contact me and I'll add you city to the list above. Of course it is still advised to test your Iam fully in IamTown before you enter it in any other place. It's now possible to access purchased clothes in IamTown.

I've also overhauled all the example projects. I found my deployment procedure was too error-prone, causing to many silly errors that could have been easily prevented. What I've decided to do is make each and every example project stand on its own. This generally makes the archives to download much bigger, but fewer dependencies means it simplifies the work I need to do to make sure everything works. And it reduces problems with people who'd only be interested in one of the example projects and use it to add their own extensions.

Another small addition is that the IamLibrary archive now includes all the source-code. That might be of interest to those interested in taking a peek under the hood.
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