Release 2010-8-26

Release 2010-8-26

Postby admin » Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:04 am

The 8/26/2010 release of the Iam Framework for developers is here:
(11.42 MiB) Downloaded 1537 times

Most notable changes:
    - Built-in map-making tool in the City Editor.
    - Chair information. Plus API for easy sitting.
    - Private Messages support.
    - Access to the friends API for adding friends and getting
    friends-list with online status information.
    - Some new sample Iams. Most notably a fashion-model able to promote a
    designer's fashion.
    - Improvements in the chat-processor allowing for more powerful and
    compact chat-scripts.
    - Ability to automatically reconnect your Iam when the connection is lost.
    - Improved path-searching performance.
    - Iam's can now use body, face and makeup data.
    - Special 'android' appearance. Neither male or female but robot. Optional.
    - Log out your Iam when it becomes deactivated for some reason. This
    allows for automatic restarts when something goes wrong due to a
    programming error and the Iam becomes immobilized.
    - Improved Iam Server stability.

This is a mandatory update. Existing Iams might no longer work if not updated to use at least the current IamFramework.jar. It contains an executable JAR-file and the javadocs, but it's actually mostly meant for reference purposes and for inclusion in new projects.

Newcomers are probably best served by downloading the IamTemplate project first, which is completely self-contained and also includes the IamFramework.jar and the javadocs:
(13.73 MiB) Downloaded 1589 times

Instructions how to get started and more can be found at the wiki:
Bugs can be reported at

Lastly there's the Iam Library. It is not strictly required to download this file in order to develop Iams. But if you want to follow the step-by-step introduction that's on the Wiki you're going to need it for some of the sections:
(52.72 KiB) Downloaded 1548 times

Any comments, problems and critiques posted are greatly appreciated.

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