Update 2010-05-20

Update 2010-05-20

Postby admin » Fri May 21, 2010 12:26 am

Again a minor update that deprecates the previous beta release.

From now on the city-name is used for configuration rather than the city-ID. But this change is only effective for the developer's release of Blue Mars, which includes any Iam operating in Iam Town. Iams used in 'real' cities (so far only Caledonia) don't need to change anything and will continue to use the city-ID as provided to them. The standard client will probably move to the same procedure soon, but hopefully no change to the framework will be required in that case as the framework now supports both ways to connect to the city. Just make sure you don't specify both the city-name and the city-ID.

All Iam developers will at least need to download a new IamFramework.jar and update their configuration XML file to use 'cityName' and use as value "AR_IamTown". When in doubt, refer to the Wiki.

All example projects will be updated.

The Iam Framework for developers is here:
(9.93 MiB) Downloaded 1617 times

Newcomers are probably best served by downloading the IamTemplate project first, which is completely self-contained and also includes the IamFramework.jar and the javadocs:
(10.48 MiB) Downloaded 1649 times

Instructions how to get started and more can be found at the wiki: http://ai.bluemars.com/wiki.
Bugs can be reported on this forum.

Lastly there's the Iam Library. It is not strictly required to download this file in order to develop Iams. But if you want to follow the step-by-step introduction that's on the Wiki you're going to need it for some of the sections:
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