Shop-keeper example

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Shop-keeper example

Postby admin » Tue May 11, 2010 9:07 pm

This is a fairly elaborate example project combining several of the Iam technologies. It uses the CHAT-L based ChatProcessor to handle the conversation with players. It can give you some information about the items for sale and show you where to find them in the shop. The shop catalog is described in XML in an easy to understand format. So this Iam can easily be configured to serve as a shop-keeper for different shops. The actual language it uses or responds to can be modified by editing the CHAT-L file, but is independent of the actual tour or place the Iam is located in. So this Iam is 'programmable' to a high degree without the need of any Java programming skills. All you need is get familiar with XML and little bit of Chat-L (optional).

See the Wiki at for more information about these example projects and about Iam development in general.
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