Hello, I'm Avatar Reality's main A.I. programmer.

If you're new here (and even if you're not) take a little time and write a brief introduction to yourself. What do you do, why are you here and what are your expectations of this forum.

Hello, I'm Avatar Reality's main A.I. programmer.

Postby admin » Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:03 am

Just as a kick-off, let me briefly introduce myself. I'm Mark Boon and the principle developer behind the Iam Framework. This framework is currently an independent entity within the Blue Mars platform.

I have a master's degree in A.I. and Robotics and my main work in the field was the development of a Go-playing program in the late '80s. This was a fairly successful project, winning the World Championship of Computer Go three years in a row (1989-1991).

I came to Hawaii to work on A.I. for the Blue Mars project in March 2009.

This framework strives to be as open and uncommitted as possible. As such we don't try to push one technology over another with the one exception of the Blue Mars platform. So even though CHAT-L was developed by Avatar Reality, we also support development of chat-bots in AIML. The goal is to facilitate as many people as possible to develop interactive and independent avatars to inhabit a virtual world. The less constraints posed on developers, the more people can try out their own new A.I. ideas.

I look forward to see what people will do with it.

Mark Boon
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